Thailand flight with toddlers – Not a good look

I don’t know how traveling parents find the motivation to hop on flights regularly. Keeping kids entertained, preventing tantrums, and providing enough food are all challenges that we faced. With only one layover, our Thailand flight from Abu Dhabi took approximately ten hours, and we felt every minute. Our toddlers struggled to maintain their sanity, but we made it here.


This was our first struggle. Our flight left at 11 p.m. Though our tickets were cheap, the late flight wasn’t worth draining the kids’ energy.

Before Thailand flight airport
They were exhausted before we got on the plane

We learned two valuable lessons:

  1. Never leave at night.
  2. Use direct flights.

Both of these are more costly options, so Tiyaanah and I have decided that we would rather travel less and have better experiences than to travel more while torturing children.


Arriving and departing twice was problematic. It interrupted the kids’ sleep and made them cranky. Not to mention, it was just uncomfortable. I spent the entire second flight holding Kairo’s legs while he slept because he kicked a monk after waking up startled.

You read that correctly.

Tiyaanah struggled on each flight because Kalel is still a lap infant until April. And do you know what it’s like holding a fat baby for 9 hours?

Me neither.
Thailand flight lap infant
Tiyaanah even struggled to eat while the big boy took a nap

Still, we managed to find our fun. Kairo kept us entertained by kissing Kalel’s feet. The brothers bonded like they always do, proving that they are best buds in all situations.


This was just awful. The boys’ sleep was interrupted. Then, we made them walk through an airport. If that wasn’t enough, they had to wait an hour for the plane to arrive.

Kairo’s attitude was a bit pissy.

If you’ve read anything about that child, you know he doesn’t sleep. This flight was so challenging that he fell asleep in mom’s lap about 10 minutes before they opened the gate doors. To keep him down, I rocked him in my arms for the first time in two years.


When we landed, we discovered that neither of our phones worked. Google Fi promises coverage everywhere. They lied.

It took us an hour to figure out how to escape the airport because we were working diligently on our phones. Then, it took another 45 minutes to connect with our Airbnb host.

Unfortunately, we hated the place. Don’t get me wrong, it was nice and cheap, but it didn’t work for us. Without a phone, we couldn’t find our way around, couldn’t call a taxi, or order food.

Grumble Grumble

Plus, the roads and Bangkok aren’t made for kids. There are no sidewalks in alleys, and sometimes there are no roads. Motorcycles zoom by every second, sparing only a few inches.

View from the balcony. You see that road? Not for toddlers.

Now, we’re in a hotel, and we plan to venture to Phuket to get a more family-friendly experience.

Just to reiterate a previous complaint that I made, I don’t have a camera, and I’m not happy about it. I’m trying to make the best out of editing my images from my phone.

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