The Best Part of Daddyhood


Words can’t explain the best parts of being a dad. (Even our expansive language is limited when it comes to something so expansive). But if I had to pinpoint one thing that really makes parenting great, I’d have to say something like:

Daddyhood is complex sport. It’s being both a spectator and a player in the most complicated game in the world. As a spectator, I watch my child grow from a seed to a flower. As a player, I’m right beside him, participating in the National Life Association League games. We don’t play for money. We play for love.

Too much sports?

Daddyhood is the means of securing love in its most infant stage. It encompasses having the most boring job in the most exciting place in the world. One can spend an entire day shopping and find that they have never experienced so much joy or laughter at once.

Just Watching

I watch my son evolve each day. He practices new skills with my wife and I all the time. He’ll reach for a book and begin pointing to animals. Just yesterday, he asked one of my friends “What is that?” with almost every animal in the book. (“What is that” sounds like “Aistha?” but we know what it means).

Today, before bedtime, he continued to grab our faces and distribute kisses repeatedly. This is when I feel like a spectator. I’m watching the evolution of his affection. Kairo is learning to love and give. He knows that giving kisses makes mom and dad feel better, so he shares them to make our nights better.

Only the Beginning

I know that this stage in Kairo’s life is step one. Even better, I’m privileged enough to watch him grow for many more years. It brings a smile to my face to know that I’m so fortunate.

5 thoughts on “The Best Part of Daddyhood

  1. The reason I love this blog (though) i normally find blogs boring is due to its insightful and true and i leave feeling i know a little more about life
    P.S. good luck on your second screen play I believe are an underrated version of Dean Koontz or James Patterson of writing

    1. Thanks. But Jaden, you don’t have to compliment my writing on every post (especially when I don’t mention writing). Believe me, I’m not that vain 😉 Have a good week.

      1. i know but in reality its my way of making sure you have a good week as well and know you have a loyal fan on your side whos willing to help support you in the journey of becoming a professional author

        1. I appreciate it and know. Send me an email of that’s what you want to do, but I don’t want to come off as someone who needs constant praise on a public forum. 🙂 Happy Monday, my friend.

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