The Long Awaited Reunion

Authors/Writers have a great way of building things up. The objective of any fantasy story is to create a conflict and resolve it, but the build up to the conflict is what matters the most.

Anyone that watches the WWE knows what I’m talking about. Shoot…I don’t watch it and even I know that The Rock and John Cena have been scheduled to fight for a year. A YEAR! <— I never write in caps or use arrows so you can see how amazed I am.

One damn year? That’s almost as bad as the way Masashi Kishimoto made us wait for Sasuke and Itachi to be reunited. It’s the dumbest thing. Sasuke turned his back on his village to find his brother. Then, he killed his brother and discovered the truth behind the Hidden Leaf Village. So he vowed to avenge the man he killed. Now, he’s fighting side-by-side with his zombie brother in order to save the Hidden Leaf?

I didn’t realize how ridiculous this sounded until I typed it. But when you read this drama for over 5 years, it tends to make sense. Why? I don’t know. In all honesty, that’s horrible writing.

I’m completely disappointed with the way things are going in Naruto. Well, I actually like the 9 Tail Fox and Naruto’s relationship, but this Sasuke and Itachi crap must end.

First there was all this hype behind the brothers squaring off. Now they’re best buds again. Why do I have to wait so long to read about nothing?

Let me teach you a lesson dear WWE and Kishimoto. If you build something up for a long time, you better deliver. When Goku went Super Saiyan, I had to wait months for Cartoon Network to show it. Do you know how giddy I was? I never forgot the look and feel of that crap. If you can’t deliver something so magnificent, stop writing.

Why am I comparing Naruto to the WWE? Because they’re both man-dramas (maramas? dramans?). They have millions of twists and turns that attempt to excite, but ultimately disappoint. Yes, John Cena versus The Rock was a very classic fight, but no one was looking for another Hulk vs The Warrior. People wanted hell in a cell and blood. Give me a break. How many times can you do your supermove and kick out of it?

Naruto…Pick it up. Please.

I have learned to loathe Sasuke. Every time he gets a full week dedicated to him, I die inside a little bit. His story is messy and must be cleaned up with bleach and a bar of Dove soap.

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  1. So, I don’t know the stories you are talking about, but I do know what you mean. When the climax doesn’t deliver to expectations, it can be quite disappointing.

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