The Trolls


I’ve learned a lot about Internet trolls since I began writing. Fortunately, I haven’t had any serious interactions with them. (A few reviews, but nothing serious).

Recently, I learned about a site that rips on various products that aren’t worth buying. This guy finds the worst products he can and makes hilarious posts about them. Consequently, the people who view his blog often purchase the products. Maybe they want a good laugh or they sample the products and want to disagree. Whatever it is, this troll’s blog actually helps struggling artists.

I’ve seen one writer’s novel increase in rankings immediately after his book was trolled. Another music artist was appreciated because his songs were viewed as hilarious.

Isn’t that the way life works? What someone meant for evil can often benefit you.

If you’re any type of struggling artist, keep your head up. Your work can be attacked by anyone at any time, but you have to learn from the experience and use it to your benefit.

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