Thinking About That First Bad Review

I know people say that we shouldn’t focus on the negative, but that’s what I do. I’m the type of person that looks at what’s all bad in life, all the time.

I’m my biggest critic, for now, but I know that there are some reviewers out there that actually believe they poop gold. The crap they spill for reviews often makes a great novel look like crap and a crappy novel look like greatness. For example, I hate the Hunger Games but it has some awesome reviews. I wouldn’t write a negative review for it because there are already enough people supporting my view. Why add more to it? Does the writer really need to hear another critic saying the same thing? No. Do reviewers? No.

People that write reviews take it too far. I can easily tell if I want to read a novel or not from a positive review. Whenever I post something negative, I like to say, “This is just for me, but I didn’t like…Maybe someone else will.”

My first novel has yet to be released, but I’m already waiting on that first review that ranks it a three or below. My story isn’t for everyone, no story is. But my novel is a Science Fiction and Fantasy. SciFi novels are already looked down upon by enough readers so I can imagine people saying the technology slows the pace of the story.

There’s also a post-apocalyptic society that looks like downtown Los Angeles. That may bother some people that love seeing deserts and zombies.

There are a ton of reasons to hate my story, and I’m waiting to hear them. But I’m also looking for that random person that doesn’t know me from Twitter or Facebook and has never heard of my name. The one that will pick up the novel from the cover art and blurb description. Then, they’ll leave a review that says they fell in love with the characters. They were emotionally attached and hated to see certain men or women die. I can’t wait for that either.

So, yes I’m looking for the bad. If I wasn’t, I wouldn’t have tried to make the novel so spectacular to force all the naysayers to shut up. But I’m also waiting to perform my best happy dance:

My wife will do Monica’s version with me.

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