How did my toddler fall on the stairs…I don’t know

Headlines: Your Toddler Will Fall

But you should not let your toddler fall of the stairs. Yes, my tiny toddler tumbled down two hardcore steps today. Now, two steps are no big deal unless you have marble floors, and Abu Dhabi is all about marble floors so…crash.

Earlier this evening (don’t check the timestamp because I’m in a different country), I was training my eldest son to pee on the toilet. I have this guy sitting reverse style on the toilet like AC Slater in saved by the bell. By the way, this technique like totally rocks (in my best spoiled rich girl voice).

While Kairo is holding the toilet bowl like he’s steering The Black Pearl, I hear a thudding crash, “Oh, baby. Oh my god.” No cries.


“Are you okay?”



Dad: Explicit

Kairo: Mimic dad’s explicit

Dad: Is he bleeding?

Think. Think. Mom can only deliver yes or no responses when stressed, and I’ll likely only get one answer, so make it good.

Dad: Is he bleeding?

Because (let’s be honest) that’s all I really need to know, right?

Woosah! I have two boys, so I should count my blessing that this is the hardest toddler fall to date (at least at a young age). Kairo has taken some hits at 2+

Moments Later

This goofy child decided to chase me down with his head thrown back…he’s fine

The tiny toddler is fine. Somehow, he managed to break his fall and survive the hard descent to Earth. Like all new pilots, a one-year-old is prone to living life on the edge. They know that there are rules to follow, but “Dammit, I just got these legs, and I need to test them out.”

My silly little boy isn’t the type to follow orders like:

  • Don’t walk down the stairs
  • You’re not ready, bro
  • Wait for mommy
  • Wait for daddy
  • Come back
  • Go slow
  • Stop

All of the above instructions are clearly too complex, which is why we thought we lost a good one today. Toddler’s don’t enjoy the complex process of listening, and my youngest is the biggest knucklehead of all when it comes to willfully ignoring daddy.

And don’t worry, he is doing fine.

Being the little daredevil that he is, Kalel decided to perform more maneuvers later on in the day. These tricks include (but are not limited to) trying to jump the stairs again, chasing after me, tackling me, running in circles and utterly disregarding all rules provided to him once again.

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