Toddler Friends – We’re finally getting settled

The boys and I are finally getting used to Abu Dhabi. We’re outside and interacting with others more. As a result, Kai and Kal finally have toddler friends.

Toddler friends (n) – 1. Big people trapped in itty-bitty bodies that play within 10 yards of one another. 2. Children between the ages of one and three that believe sharing the same slide makes them BFFs. 3. You if you’re willing to get on this slide with me right now.

My goal, this week, was to keep everyone out of the house, so we’ve been actively on the move since Saturday.


I hoped to get out and join the family at the park, but I had my first job as a photographer.


While I was out, Mommy took the kids to a playground.

Sometimes mom is the best of toddler friends

As you can see, Tiyaanah found some inner peace. She had been missing her alone/quality time with the kids.


Mommy was back to work, so we waited for her to return before venturing out. Then, we went searching for pets.

We hoped to find a souq that sold dogs, but cats and dogs aren’t common in Al Ain. The souqs that we found had bunnies, birds, and fish for the boys to see, but no puppies.

After our pet hunt, we stopped at a burger shack that wasn’t in the food court. I was quite surprised. We hadn’t had a good burger in the UAE.


The next day, we went back to the mall for bowling and a few games.

Toddler Friends Mom

Tiyaanah danced with Kalel, and I danced with Kairo. Mommy gets down!


Toddler friends! We waited all week for this day (or at least I did).

Just the week before, Tiyaanah introduced me to someone who hosts meetups at Cheeky Monkeys. By joining their group, I got to pay 50 Dhs per kid for my boys to play with other toddlers.

I didn’t get much video here because I was so busy running around with the kids, but Kairo and Kalel made two friends. One was a local Emirate boy, and the other was also an expat. We ran, climbed, jumped, and slid. Somehow, I managed to leave without any injuries, though Kalel walked in with two already.

The boys made toddler friends at cheeky monkeys

As you may know by now, I don’t record other people’s children unless I am paid to do so. None of the roaming children are shown above, but believe me, I experienced their screams


Yesterday, I took the boys to New Covered Park (a playground shielded from the overbearing sun).

I was very excited to find this place because it allows the boys to play outside, which is very rare in Al Ain.

Sometimes your bro is the best of toddler friends

You never know how these moments will go with Kairo. This so happened to turn out very sweet. But you know that I was nervous as poop to record this adorable scene.


We plan to meet up with more of the kids’ toddler friends at music class.

Overall, this has been the best week that we’ve had so far. All it took was all of Dad’s energy.


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