Toddler Language Development – Kalel is on a roll!

The growth period between 12 and 24 months has been my favorite time as a parent so far. Though watching the intellectual maturation of my first born was exciting (there’s nothing like it), my youngest son blows my mind. Being a little brother has its ups and downs. However, the best part is watching how the older sibling teaches, the younger one. Because of Kairo, Kalel is one talkative little monster that can truly communicate his thoughts. Interaction with family, reading, and songs are key contributors to Kalel’s language development.

This post is really to update family. We can’t get real-time recordings of Kalel’s phrases because he likes to pose when he sees cameras. Cheese!!!

Rapid Growth

Since our trip to Thailand, I’ve noticed that Kalel is talking a lot more. The reason may be because we recently started watching more music videos instead of television songs.

I particularly fell in love with Super Simple Songs. They target specific learning needs for toddlers, like counting and colors. Though I love Pinkfong and ABCmouse, the former is annoying for parents (when streamed back-to-back), and the latter doesn’t slow things down enough for my boys. They’ve learned the most with Super Simple Songs, though the other channels are still great and deserve lots of praise.

There’s a dance series that Kalel loves, starting with Pinocchio.

The dance is simple and fun. We do it together as a family because Kalel will call us from any room saying, “Let’s go, Daddy/Mommy!”

He uses many phrases from the songs:

  • Rain, rain, go away (though never when it’s raining)
  • Daddy/Mommy wants to play
  • Make a circle
  • Fast, fast, fast
  • Slow, slow, slow
  • Open and shut
  • That’s a snowman, Daddy!
  • What’s that?
  • It’s a frog/bird!
  • Stomp

The list goes on, but these are some of the fun ones that come to mind.

Big Brother

Big brother also contributes to much of Kalel’s language development. If I say, “That’s a helicopter,” and Kairo says, “That’s an airplane,” Kalel will say, “Screw what Daddy thinks. That thing must be an airplane!”

These little bros talk all day long, and Kalel does a lot of active listening, learning what brother has to share. Because of Kairo, Kalel has picked up on many incredible words and phrases:

  • Backward! (And he will say this while walking backward, even towards the stairs)
  • That’s a airplane, Daddy! Airplane!!! (Sometimes it is)
  • I like to eat Daddy (It’s a game we play. They’re monsters!!!)
  • I fell down
  • Kalel's language developmentIt hurts
  • Crash!
  • Come on, Daddy
  • Let’s race. (This is normally paired with the above point)
  • All done!
  • I have to pee-pee (He means boo-boo)
  • Good morning, Daddy
  • I wanna go outside. Outside! (He always says it twice, so I know he means it)
  • Let’s go home (I don’t think he knows what this means)
  • How are you?
  • I like you just the way you are (Daniel Tiger)

This is another list that I don’t have enough time to complete, but it’s amusing for me. Each word that he learns allows me to further our communication and help Kalel feel valued/understood.


Sometimes I stare at Kalel and smile when he talks. I love hearing kids put together new ideas and express themselves through their lens. A toddler’s language development helps them connect with the world. Fortunately, I have front row seats at this stage in life.

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