Traveling with Two Toddlers is Challenging

Our trip to Thailand is over, and we’re finally back home in Al Ain. Before we made our way back, Tiyaanah found a blog about The Worst Age to Travel with Kids. I could’ve written this post word-for-word because I agree with everything that she says. Traveling with two toddlers is a stress that I couldn’t have imagined.

I’m sure there are great parents out there that have completed this task with ease. Not to mention, each kid’s personality is different. Everything that I say below really depends on a child’s temperament and parenting styles. However, I do want to emphasize that I’m talking about traveling with two toddlers. This is very different than dealing with an outburst in terrible twos or troublesome threes. This is practically having both side-by-side at all times.


My kids love airplanes. In fact, they were pretty upset when they learned that all of our airplane rides were over.

Kalel: Airplane, daddy! Airplane!

Kairo: I want to get on an airplane, daddy. Let’s go back to Abu Dhabi.

Daddy: We are in Abu Dhabi.

Kairo: The other Abu Dhabi or Thailand. I want to go to Thailand.

Daddy: Don’t you want to go home?

Kairo: I want the airplane.

Kairo loves sitting and watching movies on the plane. He found a new favorite film, Madagascar. Kalel loves falling asleep on mommy. However, neither enjoys skipping snacks, standing in lines, or the pressure that builds in their ears during takeoff.

My kids can sit for extended periods of time, but they tend to become very moody and will scream or kick chairs/people. Kairo even kicked a monk, as I mentioned before. You can’t even imagine my level of embarrassment.


thai lion lines with two toddlersPlanes and lines are different, though they are often connected. You can find lines at every section of the airport.

  • The entrance
  • Check-In
  • Terminals
  • Gates
  • Planes

When getting off planes, we’ve found lines at the visa station as well (and those are the absolute worst because the boys are exhausted).

Lines take time, and my two toddlers get restless quickly. Telling them to get in and out of their strollers gets tiring, but it’s even worse when our 32 lb child is asleep in my arms.

That leads me to my next section.


I’ll be brief here, but we all tend to stink after flights. Kalel sweats like an ice cold water bottle left in the desert, and we have to check in strollers on the plane, so we have to carry the boys for extremely long distances after the flight lands. Tiyaanah and I ended up purchasing sweat-proof shirts to combat the amount of sweating that we endure at the end of flights.

I’m dead serious. It’s that bad.

sweat free shirts thailand


I can’t count how many times we rode in taxis without seatbelts, but what does it matter? Our Thailand taxi drivers were some of the scariest that we have ever endured. I slammed my hand on the side of our Tuk Tuk and screamed, “Aye! Chill out!!!” because one guy did his best to prove how stupid he can be. I felt horrible too because the boys were already spooked. My reaction only made matters worse.

Tuk Tuk with toddlers

Uber was far more expensive, but most of our drivers were working to maintain their ratings, so they drove the safest and the slowest. Still, I’m sure that I acquired a plethora of new grays after each drive.


We missed out on a lot of experiences because they boys needed naps. Again, having two toddlers changes everything.

Kalel can sleep on mom almost anywhere, so he had the most energy. However, he also wanted to be carried the most.

Kairo, on the other hand, loves skipping naps. He wanted nothing to do with napping in the car, so he was the most temperamental. His outbursts often happened for no reason. For example, we were driving into Phuket (a 90-minute haul in traffic), and he suddenly covered his mouth and started screaming.

Mommy: What’s wrong?


Mommy: Are you okay?


Mommy: You’re too loud for a car. You have to stop crying okay? I know you’re tired.


The world refuses to acknowledge your schedule. Planes will delay. Taxis won’t show. Businesses will close. Plans will change, and naps will vanish. As a result, tears will fall when and where you least expect them.

two toddlers sleeping

When they did fall asleep, we found peace.


Areas that are not made for strollers:

  • Streets
  • Airports
  • Skytrains (the stairs leading to the train are steep, and the few elevators that exist aren’t working)
  • Hotels with tiny elevators
  • Beaches

We went to Phuket because Bangkok has nowhere to push a stroller or even walk safely with kids. The streets in Phuket were easier to navigate, but I honestly haven’t been in the gym like I need to be. These fat boys worked me. After carrying them for miles, I realized the value of P90X.

Conclusion – Will we wait to travel again?

Despite our struggles, we are already planning our summer vacation. Look, traveling with two toddlers sucks, but there are so many benefits that I will discuss in the future.

If you are traveling, I recommend looking up blogs that supply advice. I don’t. I only report the craziness that often surrounds me.

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  1. I’m sure it will get better with each time with more experience, you learn some helpful tips.. Love reading about your travel experience.

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