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Trump Appoints

Donald Trump will likely choose Betsy DeVos to be his education secretary. Of course, people are losing their minds. In fact, most of my friends go crazy whenever Trump adds someone to his cabinet.

For me, DeVos is another reason to shrug my shoulders. She’s the new person that will throw money into education, showing no concern for our future or our youth.

I Give No Cares

Things weren’t going to change under Hilary. And I know this might not be the popular thing to say, but our education system didn’t improve under Obama. It only got worse.

Now, let me clarify something. I’m not blaming Obama. I just think education has gotten worse overall, every year. Every. Single. Year. Obama just happened to be in office for eight of those years.

The food got worse (my students blame Michelle). The budget cuts led to a lot of teachers being fired; a lot of janitors being fired; a lot of administrators doing multiple jobs; and a lot of people at the top getting much richer. Oh, and under Obama, Common Core testing was implemented.

My young readers will let you know that the SBAC a stupid test. My teacher friends will let you know the same.

Common Core is bleh at best. It’s one of the hardest damn tests you will ever see in your life. Unless you intend to take the GMAT or MCAT, you won’t see anything that is quite as challenging.

Millions of dollars were wasted on implementing this standardized test. I have no idea why it even exists, besides to torture children and teachers. DeVos won’t change that. Hilary’s appoint couldn’t change it either.

So Why are People Complaining

I think that most people want Trump to fail. It’s like a secret desire that brews within. If Trump is a horrible president, my friends will shout, “See! I told you so.” But if Hilary was garbage, they would’ve remained silent, or they would have grumbled, “At least she was a better choice than Trump.”

I still don’t see the difference. I don’t think either of these demons would have saved or thrown the world into more chaos.

American education is garbage. If you teach in the inner city, you know better than anyone that kids are getting dumber. And by dumber, I mean dumber. Middle schoolers read at grade school levels. High schoolers read at grade school levels. Some seniors can’t even read. It’s just the nature of our society, which is one that has become complacent with the state of education. We’ve gotten used to failing. And we’ve gotten good at pointing fingers The people at the top blame teachers, teachers blame parents, parents blame teachers, and teachers blame the people at the top.

DeVos, I wish you the best of luck. But you don’t need it. You’re already stupid rich and you’ll only get richer in this blood sucking industry.

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