Two Sides to a Story

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It’s amazing how two people can tell one story differently.

An elementary student views a teacher’s criticism as embarrassing. To be reprimanded in front of their friends can seem like the end of their world. But the teacher can view that moment as an opportunity for growth.

A husband can kiss his wife goodnight to express his love. The wife can think he has an ulterior motive. “He wants something.”

A guy can think that he finally made love to his girl. The girl can feel that she was raped.

There are two sides to every story. Sometimes the pieces fit together really well. But that isn’t always the case.

As people, we have to consider how others perceive us. Perception drives our daily interactions. The way we are viewed shapes our story.

How do you want to be remembered?

One thought on “Two Sides to a Story

  1. I feel that there are sometimes three sides. Yours, theirs and the truth. No matter what the two parties involved will have a biased opinion on what actually happened. It is very important to present yourself in a manner that is not only professional but conscientious of everything you say or do. It’s sad we live in a world where we have to constantly be covering our butts.

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