Tylenol Shots

My little man had his 12 month checkup on Friday. The doctor asked if I was okay giving him all 6 vaccines at once. My reaction:


I said he could have three of the six shots and we’d return for the other demonic potions at the end of the month. Smart move, right? [Clears throat] My son had a fever the next day. He also woke up with one this morning. Being the idiot that I am, I let him eat from my plate. With just four bites of an omelette, he was introduced to three new foods and some seasonings.


Not sure what exactly caused him to break into hives and turn red, but we rushed to the hospital. We got blood tests, rectal temperature checks, and a tube shoved into his penis. Ultimately, the doctor determined that nothing was inherently wrong. My wife and I paid for the most expensive shot of Tylenol ever (to cure his fever, which was causing his skin to turn red). Then, they sent us home.

All in all, this was a great hospital visit. I’d rather know that my guy is safe than to sit around and wonder if his lips will stop turning blue.

Shout out to Kaiser nurses who are amazingly sweet.

5 thoughts on “Tylenol Shots

  1. That is terrifying! I am glad that he’s ok though. I haven’t decided if I will vaccinate my children or not. I think I might but wait until they are a little older before they get shots.

    1. Yeah. It’s a tough decision. I definitely want to keep him vaccinated. I had to get him the measles shot, but there are some that aren’t important. He didn’t need the hepatitis shot. It’s not important until he is older. Just make sure to do your research and ask the doctor what shots that your little one will receive on the next visit so you have time to decide.

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