Update On The Publishing Process

I have completed my formatting for the novel. Currently I have it formatted for the Kindle and Smashwords.

I downloaded my work on my wife’s Kindle to preview it. I can’t explain how excited I was.

Years back, I published an unedited book for friends and family. Plus, I just wanted to say I was published. Getting the hard copy in my hands made me giddy. Even with all the mistakes, I was proud of myself for accomplishing a goal.

Now, I’ve tackled another goal and I’m very proud of myself. When the novel is official on Monday and people can actually purchase it, I’ll feel a new level of excitement. The countdown begins.

A friend on Twitter pointed out I only have four days left. Though I wasn’t counting the actual days, I am now.

Barcode: The Legend of Apollo will be purchasable on Amazon February 6th at Midnight (PT). I’ll be online “acting a fool” as my mom would say. So follow me on Twitter to see how silly I get.

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