What You Value


Values. They’re tricky little monsters.

In the past, I valued sleep. Independence. Growth. Maturation. And an enhancement in my own skills–teaching and writing.

After my son was born, I found those values shifting.

Now, I value collaboration. Time. And laughter.

Growth and maturation are two things I could never give up, but I try to find a balance. I don’t dedicate my life to writing for hours. I also dropped a nasty habit of researching. Google has been my friend for years, but we’re spending a lot less time together.

When I think of my own shift in values, I think of character development. In writing, every character has to change/mature–for better or worse. Characters that remain stagnant don’t belong.

Why? Because humans are constantly in a state of change. They live in chaos and tranquility. Light and dark. Joy and sadness. Danger and peace.

If a writer wants to capture the true essence of humanity, he or she simply need to focus on change and how it occurs.

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