Welcome to the Matrix

You are in The Matrix. I’m not even talking about a hypothetical or metaphorical sense. I’m literally referring to the movie, The Matrix.

You are in The Matrix, whether you accept this truth or not depends entirely on you, but let me help with your awareness of your surroundings.

The Matrix contains two “realities.” One is, in fact, a dream world. In this world, machines use your energy to survive or thrive.

Neo, or President Obama, has been perceived as The One. People believed that he would bring about a change to their world. This change could potentially restore the United States and their relationships around the globe. Unfortunately, Obama has been opposed by agents known as the Republicans. Most notably, Mr. Smith, aka Donald Trump, has done all in his power to discredit Obama. In fact, this agent has gone out of his way to use a unique style of kung fu to battle Obama.

thematrix1Yet, Obama became aware of his involvement in The Matrix. As a result, he dove straight into the heart of Trump, almost as a counter attack to the very assaults that he had received.

During this assault, Obama belittled Trump, making jokes about his weaknesses and arrogance. Obama proved that Trump’s own stupidity caused him to implode. He pointed out how Trump was both irrelevant and ignorant. This led Trump to become quiet for some time. Many people hoped that he would just die off.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. The machines, white America, had taken a liking to Trump. They channeled his anger and encouraged him to move on.

The encouraged him to grow.

This is exactly what Trump did. Trump realized something that many people who watched The Matrix did not realize. Neo wasn’t The One. That title belonged to someone who controlled the machines and the dreams. Agent Smith.

thematrix3Owning this title, Trump decided that he would lead the true revolution–the removal of humanity from the hearts and minds of the machines. He would delete the relevance of anyone who supported Obama. How? Using the same techniques that he learned from Obama.

You see, when Neo jumps into Agent Smith, Smith has an awakening. He learns about his influence on others. As a result, he begins to place his data (or hatred) inside of others. The world slowly becomes him.

That’s where we are now. We are in a world that accepts hatred. Not just Trump’s hatred either. You see, everyone becomes corrupted by Smith, the good and bad. Those that are already corrupt accept his influence. Those that are good resist him to a fault. They fight against him so much that the do not see the solution.

The solution is something that Neo realizes at the end. Fighting is pointless.

There can be no true revolution when the odds are truly against you. The system must be allowed to take its course.

thematrix2In the end, Neo allows Smith to return the initial favor. Smith inserts his data into Neo, in an attempt to corrupt him. Smith struggles. That’s because Neo uses this opportunity to show Smith the truth, how he has hurt the entire world. The world becomes pointless when nothing remains except a machine, hell bent on destruction. The two energies cancel one another out, resetting The Matrix. This is the dangerous game that the Oracle played. She wanted this to happen. She knew that it was a weak possibility, but one that did exist.

Smith realized this truth at one point, after absorbing the Oracle. Yet, he was too blinded by his own hubris to see the full truth.

So, what’s my point? We’re right where Smith gains his true power. There is a lot of destruction left for this story to complete itself. But for those who are truly serious about rebelling against the hatred in America, I really want you to consider the only way that it will end. The Matrix teaches us that an overwhelming number of people will have to support Smith. When they are all totally behind him, Smith greed’s will naturally bring about the downfall of this society. It cannot happen via an outside source.

The only way for racism to end is for whites to stop being racist.

The only way for sexism to become abolished is for men to stop being sexist.

Only those in power can stop what they control.

Because their hatred is embedded deep into the system, the system must collapse on itself.

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