Awkward Emotional Roller Coaster

I missed a post for the first time ever, even before my site crashed. Why? I finally have every part of my novel and I’m working feverishly to get it up by February 6th. I still need to do one or two more proofs before submitting it to Amazon and Smashwords.

What had me so distracted last night was a comment from my editor. It seems that the end was am “awkward emotional roller coaster.” I spent all night finishing off the last few chapters leading up to the end and toning down the emotional tycoon I threw at my readers.

Things are already a lot better, but it still needs some work. Then, it’s off to formatting. Hopefully, I’ll finish everything tonight and have time to relax until February 6th, but I doubt I’ll do it either way.

Barcode: The Legend of Apollo – 6 more days remaining!

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