What I’ve Learned From Screenplays

I wrote a screenplay recently. Immediately after completing my first one, I began a second. I’ve always tried to complete a screenplay before, but I was never able to commit. They’re very different than novels.

Screenplays are blank canvases and novels are blank sidewalks. With a screenplay, a writer has to make art fit on a limited amount of space. Dialogue, scene descriptions, and character progression are all limited. You have to build relationships with only three lines in a scene. Less is more.

With novels, there’s a lot more room to play around. Too much. You have free range to help characters grow, but you have to remember that your audience can only see so much at a time. Giving too many details will lose a lot of readers.

After practicing with screenplays, I’ve learned to develop a plot while creating suspense. The second book in the Yellow Diamond Hunter series is almost complete, but I know that my future stories will be a lot more appealing. I hope to continue growing as an author. My next goal is to expand how I use imagery and language.

Side note: I doubt either of my screenplays will be picked up, but I do plan to turn them both into novels at some point. I may just post the first one on the blog (in the distant future). However, the one that I’m writing now has a character that is much darker than Kode. I really want to develop Ezra fully and give him his own series.

2 thoughts on “What I’ve Learned From Screenplays

  1. i plan to buy everything you publish because I’d bet money I’ll be in love with it and btw I hope to someday meet my idol author
    P.S. very informative youtube I subbed to it

  2. random reference i just thought of: consider me your version of kode’s Kid (Ivory) from the barcode series
    P.S. hope I got the name right

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