What Makes Sex Taboo?

When writing about sexual intercourse, I feel both horny and dirty. The latter disturbs me.

Why should people feel dirty? Why is it that expressing one’s sexuality is so taboo? Sex is natural. There’s like a 98% likelihood that you were born from sex (don’t quote the number, I’m infamously known for creating statistics that benefit my arguments).

If you came from a silky vagina, why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy a discourse about one? Why not an entire book?

The answer: Stupid people. Who are stupid people? If you check off one point on this list, it’s YOU:

  • Anyone that walks into a restaurant, notices 10 or more people comfortably enjoying their meal, but approach a waiter and exclaims, “It’s too cold. Please adjust the temperature.”
  • A person that sees you bleeding and crying in pain, but asks you to cover the wound so they don’t have to see it.
  • An idiot that stays over your house and makes uncomfortable requests like, “Can I sleep in your bed? I hate your couch.”
  • Someone that sees you coughing or sneezing and asks, “Can you step away from me?”

Basically, a stupid person is anyone, anywhere that wants you to change your life because they’re uncomfortable. Instead of doing things to improve their own situation, like leaving or stepping away from the situation, they expect you to make changes.

That’s what happens with erotica and all forms of sexual expression. “Avid literary readers” complain about the filth in erotic novels. There’s too much sex or the language is too expressive.

Basically, instead of NOT picking up the book, stupid people read it, pretend they don’t enjoy it, and make complaints about how it’s offensive and not for children…duh. That’s the purpose.

Erotica is for adults. If you’re going to read it, act like one.

For any author that really wants to write erotica, do it! Express yourself! I haven’t ventured down that avenue, just yet, but I’m looking for the perfect story. I don’t want to write a porn with no plot. That’s way overcooked. I like my yum yum nice and steamed to perfection.

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