When Did Writers Stop Talking About What They Know?

Is it me or do a lot of novels seem to do an excellent job at research, but a horrible job with creating the proper emotion?

I notice a lot of authors are big on “research”. Great. I did a lot of research in my life, over ten years. It ranges from Molecular Oncology to Criminology, with a lot of various topics in between. The one thing I notice when I write an academic paper is a lack of passion. That’s obvious, right?

Well if it’s so obvious, why do writers believe that with research they can create an emotional story? I’m asking a lot of questions here because I don’t understand where this epidemic is coming from.

No matter how hard you try, if you haven’t cheated on someone or had someone cheat on you, there’s no way you can relate to my heartbreak in real life. You know this is true because when your stupid friends try giving you advice about your worthless ex, their advice always sounds horrendously ignorant. So if you won’t listen to a friend that can’t relate, why would you read a book from a writer that has no experience?

If you ever wonder why so many books today are garbage, let me help you out: The writers haven’t lived. Our novels are starting to suck because authors spend more time behind a keyboard (social media) than in real life. They’re tuning out the world with their iPod or iPad. Twitter or Facebook. Instagram or Tumblr.

I won’t carry this topic on for too long, but this is food for thought. If you want a real story, with real emotion, you’ll need a real author. Don’t feed me research. Feed me life with your twisted perspective. If you aren’t experienced, your novel isn’t worth my time.

Inexperienced authors can’t create emotional art.

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