Where Stories Go Wrong

You ever read a story and get really into it? I mean, you’re starting to lose significant parts of your day because of this awesome goodness. Maybe it’s not a story but a TV show, animation, or some amazing movie.

So you’re into this story and it’s great. You’re addicted and telling all of your friends about it, or planning to, but it goes South! Waaaay down low.

My simple question is, don’t you hate that?

I love anime and manga, but it’s so difficult for me to get into the stories. They always begin slow, but after five chapters or so, there’s a great story. You’re reading this thing for years and suddenly, you have no clue where it’s going to end. That’s okay, right? A little mystery is good.

A year later, I’m still reading the same arc or plot. Fights drag on forever! The author starts focusing more on action than the actual progression of the story. They have you hooked and can do whatever they want.

I’m reading a story like that right now. Four chapters of an epic battle. I want the story, but we’re still fighting and so many of my questions have gone unanswered. But that’s when I realized something. I have a three chapter fight in my novel. Oops.

So, I’m not here to complain…Well, not today.

I’m here to admit my own sin. I too have tortured readers. All this time, I’ve been upset with manga artist and now my writing is being influenced by them. Fortunately, I’m still addicted to all this stories that piss me off. Hopefully, the same thing happens with my readers.

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