Where You Spend Time


Many people have often made the comment, “It must be nice being a full time writer.” My response, “Meh.”

I love being at home, but I hate writing full time. I love having hours to write, but I hate being at home all the time. This is human nature. At least it’s my nature. Naturally, it’s very confusing.

Am I a full time writer? Presently, yes. I recently quit my job to study for an exam. (Don’t ask how that exam went. It’s over. That’s all I know.) Because I quit that job, I have nothing but time to write.


  • My wife isn’t around to interrupt
  • I rarely get distracted
  • I can play music loudly for motivation
  • There’s plenty of time to read and do other activities


  • There are no people to interact with and observe
  • I get so into writing that I neglect everything else
  • My mind works overtime

Not complaining. It’s a blessing to have this time and a wonderful home/environment. I’m just saying, you have to be careful where you spend your time as a writer. For example, my blog has been neglected. I don’t even know what to write about anymore. Most of my attention goes to completing the next book in my Barcode Series. I have a very one track mind when it comes to completing a task and currently writing is all I do. Next, I’ll edit like it’s nobody’s business. Then, I’ll dedicate my soul to marketing. Tick-tock.

I love what I do, but I hope to have passed my exam. If so, I’ll be an English teacher in training by June. Once that happens, I’ll have plenty of motivation from my crazy students.

2 thoughts on “Where You Spend Time

  1. Don’t stress to much on the exam I have faith in you man, and as far as barcode goes other then patiently waiting I know you are going to kill it.

    1. Thank you, kind sir. I appreciate your comment and your dedication to this story haha. Three more chapters and it’s on to editing.

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