Where’d You Get That Cover Art?

Look at the title. Now look back at me. Now, look at the title again. Back at me! I’m on a rant about how authors get cover art, but don’t look to see who else is using their photos. I don’t know where this trend started, but it’s very common to see similar cover art for indie artists.

I think what happens is these authors purchase photos from a website that looks nice and they hire someone to do the graphic design. So they take generic photos without having full licensing rights and add them to their novel.

Sure that works in a perfect world, but you and I both know that you’re not going to choose the worst cover…you know, the cover that no one else wants. You’re going for the coolest one out there that just so happens to look like your main character. But where will that lead you?

I think it takes you here:

See that? That’s what happens when you share photos. I personally love the story in one of these novels, The Soulkeepers. But seeing the art shared with others means you didn’t put enough time in finding a worthwhile cover artist. I’m sure everyone did their very best, but I would prefer a decent, unique cover versus having the same exact model and clothes on other books. If I saw someone else with my cover, I’d feel like my presentation was generic.

I have a list of cover artist on my website that can help authors out and there are many other websites in the world for you to discover. Whatever you do, don’t purchase a photo without an assurance that you’re the only person that can use the photo.

2 thoughts on “Where’d You Get That Cover Art?

  1. In all fairness, I was the first to use it. 🙂 Indie authors are often strapped for cash when they publish their debut novels and thus use affordable stock photography in their design. I actually think all of these did a pretty god job of making it their own. Exclusive art is either extremely expensive (upwards of $600) or poorly executed. Until an author is profitable, that kind of investment up front isn’t usually advised.

    1. I thought you were the first, but I couldn’t remember if it was you or Rex Rising. I just knew it sucked for one of you because this picture basically went viral for cover art. I find this so amusing that I collect them. You know I love your book so don’t hate me too much.

      I can understand the starving author deal, but many Deviant Art photographers and artist have lower prices. If you swim through their images and can make a connection with them, you can get something much cheaper. My first design was $50. My second is moving up to $150 and they’re both exclusive. It just takes some searching.

      I do want to disagree with you a little though. Yours and Rex Rising are pretty unique. After that, they all look the same.

      I’m fine with artist getting stock photos, but there are simple ways of finding out how often your picture was downloaded and who has used the photo before you. You obviously knew that no one had.

      If authors want to stay on their budget, they have to invest time in the research.

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