White Noise

White Noise 2

The above image was a view from my friends’ beautiful wedding. If you look closely enough, you’ll see a helicopter hovering above the lake. We were delayed by two hours because of the white noise that the helicopters produced.

There was a fire in the mountains that you see in the image. When things were at their worst, one of the other groomsmen asked, “Is that mist or smoke?”

Smoke. There was no hope at that hour, due to the 104 degree temperature.

Of course, even after two hours, the choppers were still flying. We were forced to endure the heat and noise. Even the beautiful song was ruined as the bride sauntered through the aisles.

Why tell you this depressing story?

I know the bride and groom well. They hated the white noise as much as anyone. The heat wasn’t far from horrible. But they did not let that disturb their moment. They treated the sound as it was, white noise.

White NoiseIn life, you have two options, positivity or negativity. A negative force will always remain present in your life. But how you view that force will change you forever.

You see, my son also listens to white noise regularly. It puts him to sleep. If it weren’t for white noise, his parents would look like zombies on a daily basis.

I’m happy to know that my friends never let that noise disturb them. There will be many distractions in their marriage. But if they continue to hold hands and say, “I do,” nothing else will matter.


My son got dressed for the wedding, but was unable to attend, due to extremely important baby business. I’m sorry that he missed out on his favorite tune.

Wedding White Noise

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