White or Gold Dress? Blue or Black Hoodie?

Blue or Black Hoodie

Blue or black. White or gold? This debate went viral yesterday. Consequently, I was distracted enough to forget about the hoodie that killed Trayvon Martin.

That young man died on the same day that we got distracted by this “debate.” On February 26, 2014, a child was shot down by someone who continues to break the law.

I wonder how many Facebook photos would have changed yesterday if this wasn’t such a large issue. How many hoodies would have been posted again? Maybe none. Maybe many.

The great dress debate could be ironic. It could be more.

But please don’t forget.

Please remember that we lost a valuable child to a void society. An absence of love. A hoodie. We lost a child to ignorance. Don’t forget. All lives matter. All deaths rob us of a second chance.

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