Why Are All Love Stories The Same?

I tried writing about how love is unique to each person and how authors should capture that, but I can’t. It’s not true.

Sure, the way you experience something is unique, only you can feel certain emotions. But other than that, there’s really no difference in the ways we fall in love.

Love first involves vulnerability:

You ever make that phone call to your special someone? You either want to confess to them right now or ask them on a date tomorrow to express your feelings. The reason you’re so nervous is because saying you love someone means that you risk not being loved back.

Oh… I mean, I kinda love you too, but I’m just not looking for that in my life.

Could you imagine if you heard that? You’d be heartbroken. Ice cream would taste more delicious as you watch your favorite love story. Guys, we try to pretend we’re hurt in public, but we’re lashing out at friends more and seem a bit more antisocial.

You’re vulnerable in love. You have to be. All your secrets and emotions are exposed to this one person. You feel like an idiot and there’s no turning back.

Then there’s awkwardness:

I think people use the term awkward too much, but love does make you uncomfortable at times. You’re always afraid of losing that person so you’re likely to do something extremely stupid.

Your organization skills fall flat on their face:

Suddenly, your schedule’s being shifted to accommodate this person. You’re not hanging out with friends much. You try working, but there’s only one thing on your mind, him/her or them if you’re in a love triangle.

In other words, love is predictable and has stupid common traits. You can try and act cool to the rest of the crowd, but the gentle monster inside your heart knows the truth. That’s why love stories always seem the same.

So if you want a formula to a great love story, please choose between the options below:

Guy and girl meet… (optional sexual tension)

  • Love at first sight
  • Just friends
  • We hate each other

They’d instantly hook up but… (Optional sexual tension, but highly recommended)

  • We’re already dating someone else
  • We’re just friends
  • We fight too much

One of us needs help accomplishing a goal–i.e. Hooking up with someone else, getting a promotion, or surviving (mandatory sexual tension)

  • Feelings build quickly in action adventure adrenaline rush
  • I didn’t notice how beautiful you were until you did that

Right before or after we confess our love…

  • Someone else comes in the picture
  • Dramatic event happens like the world’s about to end or Freddy taps on the glass
  • One of us gets cold feet

Mandatory: One or both of us must do something stupid to harm the relationship


  • I apologize and you accept my love the second I said hello
  • We save each other’s lives and make up passionately after
  • We end all previous ties with what held us back and try starting a new life on our own, but can’t stay away from each other

Now that you have the cliche endings, you know what to avoid if you want to make a completely unique love story.

Good luck!

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