Why ‘Self-Helps’ Don’t Help (Part 1)


Background Information

Recently, I’ve taken a temporary position at a computer lab. The previous lab attendant is out on maternity leave. That woman is actually the inspiration of this post.

When I meet new people, I Google them. Holding true to my habit, I typed her unique name online and found several websites about her. Like me, the young lady is an author. However, she writes Self-Help Novels.

I have nothing against the books or their writers. However, after seeing her video post about another author, I really wanted to rip on this genre.

Why ‘Self-Helps’ Don’t Help


  • In 2008, America spent $11 billion dollars on Self-Helps
  • First Self-Help dates back to 1859
  • Over 13 million of these books were on relationships in 2007
  • This market targets women

Other Facts (in America)

  • 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second and 74% of third marriages end in divorce
  • 7.7% of our population is jobless
  • In 2012, 39.3% of people between 25 and 34 earned a college degree, but it is estimated that 51% acquired full-time jobs


  • The shit doesn’t work

The Faint of Heart Should Stop Reading

You read and write this garbage for no other reason than to make yourself feel better. However, you accomplish next to nothing in doing so. Our country has advanced in technology, but seems to fail in the areas where Self-Helps specialize: relationships and personal growth.

America is populated by “Will-Do’s” that rely on Self-Helps. A Will-Do is a person that promises they will do something in the future, but never do what they say. You positively affirm yourself by saying, “I will accomplish my goal tomorrow or next week.” Therefore, you satisfy any present need to feel as though you’ve completed a task. When tomorrow ends, you then feel pressure from your procrastination and read a Self-Help to return your confidence.

In all honesty, that’s worthless.

The Formula of Failure

Self-Helps are like psychic readers. They fit a certain formula that suits the general population.

Without reading any Self-Help, I can tell you exactly what they say:

  1. You need to set goals
  2. You need to give yourself and others positive reinforcement
  3. You will receive positive reinforcement because of the work you put in
  4. You must keep a positive attitude

It’s bull.

The most successful and happy people I know are jerks. They trample over people and beat others mercilessly with words. (I’m exaggerating for comical purposes, but it’s somewhat true. Successful businessmen are ruthless.)

These books are telling you what to do in a general sense that won’t get you anywhere. What the hell is speaking positive going to do if you never actually set an immediate goal and go after it? How do you set a long-term goal and what steps are important on the way to that goal?

No one knows because they’re not in your position.

The best advice I can give you is stop procrastinating. If you want to make something of your life, why not set a goal right now? Make immediate changes that will make a difference.

In Part Two, I’ll continue ripping on Self-Helps and their specialized genres. But don’t worry, I’ll continue bashing the people that read them simultaneously. Hey, I may even give you advice.


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