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Why The Hell Is COY Free?


Originally, I planned to write a 7 series story, Barcode. The series were meant to follow the life of Kode, the villain of the first novel.

Even from the story’s conception, I always intended to make Legend of Apollo free. I learned from other up and coming writers, that the FREE stamp helps authors gain exposure.

However, I recently set my second novel on fire, Cavern of Youth. Though the novel’s sales were increasing monthly, I decided to list it for free as well.

Why? Is there any benefit? Don’t I already have all the exposure I need?

I do in fact have enough exposure. Actually, listing a second novel for free should not increase your overall exposure. It simply encourages readers to continue in the series.

That is important for me because those that read LOA normally burst into tears or piss their pants when they learn of Spencer’s death. I recently discovered that some readers thought Spencer’s death was a gimmick to reel more readers in.

Gosh no. I’m much more skilled at creating gimmicks than that.

I listed the second novel for free to avoid any debates such as, “Did Mr. Ross really think it was a good idea to kill the main character?”

The free range allows readers to discover the truth for themselves. Of course, people will still find ways to complain: “I don’t care if the second novel is free. I’m not wasting my time.” But I’m not worried about them. I decided to free COY from its $2.99 prison to help those that are torn between loving and hating the story. Many readers were sitting idly and waiting until some inner force motivated them to read on.

Well dear reader, that inner force has a name. And that name is Free.

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