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With Age Comes Different Styles Of Writing

It took some time, but I eventually landed a job as a writer. But it wasn’t meant to be that way. The job description was an administrative assistant. Well, with my Masters degree *arrogantly clears throat* I should be more than qualified and easily get it, right? No. I was overqualified and not pretty enough for the front desk. Well, that’s what I was told in a nutshell. But after proving my worth, I got a job with the company. Because I had so many “skills”, I was told to do more than be a pretty face, answer phones, and post on Craigslist. I’d write!

Horray! Now I can manage many blogs all day, right? Wrong again. The material is about real estate, something I know little to nothing about. But I’m a researcher and investigator. Therefore, I know how to get my material. To do so, I simply bug my coworkers with questions until I know enough to write something.

After publishing two novels and receiving a lot of feedback on them, I can honestly say that my writing has improved. There’s something more behind my writing. Now, I’m starting to add in bits and pieces of my own life.

I’m a writer for Love My Black online magazine. There, I write like a scribe, detailing my opinion on various topics like love or friendship. Being married and an experienced friend has provided me with enough to make the writing interesting.

That’s my current situation. I make writing intriguing by pulling from my own experiences instead of conducting research and making things sound snappy. This is the way writing should be, I know. I’m just happy to finally have enough experience to make my writing that much better.

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