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Working Hard

I have a confession: I haven’t touched Barcode: New War Order once this week. The story has developed magnificently and I’m really proud of my work. I can see my growth. I’m hoping that my ability to draw in readers has increased, but I can’t get any good practice in right now.

My life has been hectic since I started my new job. I’ve worked on writing blogs, got a speeding ticket, had two arguments with friends, and still have plenty unfinished tasks. Though I’m listing off my stress, it hardly bothers me. I’ve actually been attending some very motivational bible studies that have my mind in the right place.

*Gasp* Didn’t know I was spiritual because I never post about it?

I really am, but I’m not the type to throw my religion in the face of others. My belief is a connection between me and Him. I try to keep all others out.

Back to Life
I’m doing well. Because of the motivational words I heard over the past few weeks, I’ve made sure to keep a level head. Regardless of my financial struggles or personal problems, I’m very fortunate to be where I am. Maybe everything will hit me at once later on. Maybe I’ll become a millionaire and not give a damn. Whatever happens, happens. I’m not sweating the little stuff now. My supportive wife has been exceedingly supportive recently, which helps a lot. Though we’ve argued a little or had a few disputes in the past, she’s keeping me very leveled.

I hope to work on my third and forth books some time later this month, but I won’t rush them. Things will get done when I have time.

*Note to self: I really need to change my welcome video. It’s so old!

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