Write a Novel. Complete a Novel


Somehow, I always manage to come across someone’s novel writing advice. Either it falls into my internet lap, or I search for it when I’m bored. Either way, I see the advice of others and think it’s absolute crap.

Are you considering writing a novel? Then, why are you researching how it’s done?

Writing a novel is all about gaining experience. Before I researched how to write over 50,000 words, I just sat down and wrote. I did this again, year after year, for two years straight. I believe I completed three novels and countless plays during that time. Instead of making writing a job, I created characters, worlds, and conflicts because of the power it provided my fingertips.

Let’s take a break for a second.

Have you ever noticed how stupid people are nowadays? Seriously, we have Google in our pockets, literature on our Kindles, and news is broadcasted at a moment’s notice. Yet, the average person lacks the common sense to learn through experimentation.

The greatest writers of all time are still hundreds to thousands of years old. Their writing has stood the test of time. Now, I don’t want to be as popular as them because I enjoy writing filth and battle scenes, but these geniuses were special for one reason, answers weren’t fed to them.

They didn’t learn how to write by having the answers given to them. They studied and used life experiences to create. This led to new discoveries and different styles that are only mimicked today. These guys killed main characters, tested the boundaries of their readers, and ordered words in ways that cannot be replicated. They were scientists that displayed their results in artistic manners.

Back to the realnezz!

If you’re searching for some solution to your lack of writing skills, your writer’s block, or your hindered focus…you will fail. There is no solution. No reading will solve your issue. In order to be great, you must practice. Avoid asking Google. Find the answer within yourself.

Here are questions that you can discover on your own by using investigative reading skills:

  • What makes a strong opening to a novel?
  • How does tension keep a reader engaged?
  • How should I transition between chapters?
  • What do I like or hate about my favorite author’s style? How does this compare to what I like or hate about my own style?
  • What gives a character multiple dimensions?
  • How can I make my reader want more?

When you read from here on, keep these things in mind. And guess what? You may not like reading! Every writer is different. I personally like stealing my style from movies and anime. I hate picking up full length novels because they always disappoint me. I don’t know or care about your likes or desires. I only want to encourage your passion.

If you want to write, start today. One sentence, paragraph, chapter, or chunk at a time. It may take me one month to write a novel that takes you one year. But people may love your work ten times more. Don’t worry about pacing. Don’t search for a quick solution to your problem. Just practice.

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