headshot3Kashif Ross is a natural born villain. Yet, villains aren’t just born. There is no DNA strand that denotes villainous qualities. Kashif was bred to devour souls and to surgically remove hearts with shovels.

Like every anti-hero, Kashif’s change began as a child. He was different from others, mainly because of his super intelligence and good looks. Yet, all most people could see his massive brain or large head. Therefore, he was treated like a nerd and often teased. That is when a fork appeared in his invisible road of life. Kashif could choose to do good, in spite of his circumstances, or he could become a vile creature that learned to defend himself and survive the cruel world. Honestly, he chose both. But he’s still evil. Very evil!

Due to his frail nature, Kashif could not defend himself physically. Thus, he studied the psychology of the human species, and learned to rule with words. As a result, he was led to a life of crime in writing. He began depicting his enemies in stories and slaughtering them like sheep. Then, he sold copies of his work to his victims while laughing menacingly.

[Insert Evil Laugh]

I am the author of the Barcode and the Yellow Diamond Hunter series. I’m a father of two wild toddlers and an amateur photographer. Presently, I reside in Al Ain.

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