Writing Makes Me Emotional

Sometimes, I write a scene that gives me all the feelings my characters have. I’m currently making a short novel to give away for free on Amazon, and I’m trying to jam pack it with emotion. It begins with hate, moves to love, and throws the reader into quick traumatic events. Two characters fight for love within three chapters. It’s making my own heart pound.

I can’t explain the feelings I have when writing. It’s so theraputic. Regardless of what others think about the story or my skill, I’m enjoying this. Though I planned the plot, I’m really letting the characters do their own thing and it’s great. I finally found a hybrid for character and plot driven stories.

Ignoring all of the technical aspects, this is really an emotional write for me. I can’t wait to finish it this weekend to see the ending.

Title – Barcode: I Am John (Anyone who read book one knows what this will be about. Yes. This is a prequel).

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