Writing Novels From Scratch

If you’re considering beginning your first novel or writing another, you may know that beginning is an obstacle in itself. NaNoWriMo motivates many people to write their novels within a month. If you’re beginning the journey of writing a novel in a month or taking your time, here’s some writing advice to begin your manuscript:

Outline Your Story

One great way to outline is to look at stories that were successful and mimicking their process. For example, take the Dark Knight.

The Dark Knight begins with the Joker and his crew robbing a bank, right before he kills them. Outline your story to begin with the hero doing something evil. Maybe he and a band of misfits break into a rival gang’s home. Your hero kills the men inside and his friends when they try harming a little girl.

That’s a great way to create a unique story. Use one that’s already been done and change every aspect.

Detail Your Characters

Take photos of actors in famous roles and place them next to your characters to remind you of their personality. Outline their past and present, even if you won’t include it in the story. It’ll improve your writing and help your characters stay “in character.”


Don’t try to perfect everything. Eventually you’ll have to begin. The longer you delay, the more likely you are to never start.


Don’t worry about making mistakes. They’re going to happen. The more novels you produce, the better you’ll become. That means, one day you’ll look back at your old work and cringe. “How could you write something so horrible?” Don’t worry about the now. Just write and edit. Continue improving your craft and don’t forget to enjoy the process.

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