Writing Sexual Tension

Gosh I’ve been trying to force myself to update this Human Sexuality section for so long, but I haven’t had the motivation to write (which should be my next blog post).

Sexual Tension

Why is it important in a story. Is it important?

If you have romance, you need sexual tension. Being without it is like an action adventure script lacking thrill.

This sensual concept is about building a lustful, yet endearing relationship. Most sexual tension comes through intensive arguments. A guy and girl are always fighting, probably because neither are getting any. The reason doesn’t matter, but their proximity during the fight does. Are these two always closing in on each other’s personal space? Do they step inside of each other’s bubble and point fingers? That means they like it rough. What? It’s the truth.

Do they argue from a distance and throw sharp comments? That means they get pleasure out of seeing the other’s pain; they’ll have an intimate relationship.

You want sexual tension to fester like smoke snarling out of a fire breathing dragon’s nostrils. Make the moments dance and enchant the reader. Don’t bring it on too hard or too soft. Find that medium.

Most importantly, stay true to the characters’ individual and relationship personalities. We all know that no one acts the same around their “boo”. Well, the person squabbling with your main character is a future/potential boo, so make sure that the couple argues in a unique way.


Don’t think that arguing is the only sexual tension. Two people can want each other, but never have one another. Maybe they always stand closely or they’re constantly helping each other. Just make sure that chills run down spines, heart beats skip unwillingly, or they can’t think clearly around that person. Basically, somebody needs to get hot and bothered in a subtle way.

Good luck with your arousal writing. And make sure to keep the candles lit for me!

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