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Writing To “Monster”

I haven’t done this since my last site crashed. Basically the rules are, I have to write a story to a song. I generally throw on my Pandora and go for the first one. Today, that happens to be Monster. However, since I know another song with that title, I think I’ll mix them together and see what I get.

Monster – Played 5 times (I’m getting slower bleh)

Terrance’s blade slashes Samantha across the chest. Though the burning sensation is enough to make her release a frantic yelp, it’s no more painful than watching the man she’s loved for three years turn against her.

She grips her katana tightly in both hands and plants her feet. She doesn’t know how to use this weapon, never could. She’s always been the bare knuckles type of girl, but with Terrance’s level of skill behind a blade, she’d be at disadvantage without something keeping him away. Not to mention, he’s holding a claymore in his hand as though it weighed no more than a can of soup.

Samantha swallows a horse pill of saliva and backs away slowly. The smirk on Terrance’s face makes the pain so much worse.

Her tears crash into the ground next to her blood.

“Why T?”

Terrance tosses his blade between both hands. “Come on. You didn’t see this coming? You were on the run for seven years. Sam…There’s no way you thought your dad forgot about you.”

Of course she did. The last time she saw her father, he was choking on his own blood inside of the house she’d burned down. Samantha was sure she killed him, but she kept running anyway. Anyone bearing her last name was reason enough to move to a new city or state.

“My dad?”

“I know you heard the rumors that he was looking for you. You’re too intuitive.”

“Why’d you get so close to me? Why didn’t you just kill me?”

“The girl that was with your father…” Terrance narrows his eyes. “That was my sister.”

Girl? There was no girl with him, but she can’t prove that. When Samantha finally hunted down her father that day, he was alone.

“I don’t…”

Terrance’s knuckles turn white around his grip. “…Don’t pretend you didn’t know. It was Stacy’s house!” His voice sounds so different than the gentle man she’d always know. So different.

Samantha’s eyes search the floor for an answer, trying to remember that day. She’d hunt down her father, but it wasn’t his house. It couldn’t have been. There were pictures of a couple there. A man and a woman. Purple was all throughout the living room, but her dad hated that color as much as he did pink.

Michael was sitting on the couch drinking a bear when she arrived. His hands were bruised and he wasn’t wearing a shirt. There was a small scratch on his cheek, but that’s all. She didn’t kill Stacy, Michael did.

Samantha drops her sword and looks up at Terrance with a grin. She holds her chest tightly.

“You think this is funny?” Terrance screams frantically, swinging the tip of the blade at her head. She ducks under the sword. Instead of countering, she distances herself.

Monster II – Played Twice

Samantha moves the wild red strands of hair from her face and smears blood across her forehead while wiping the sweat off.

“Daddy played you just like you did me.”

Terrance knows that look. He’s seen it in sparring sessions with Michael a million times. He didn’t break Samantha at all. The monster she’s well known for unleashing stretches into her soul. Michael must’ve withheld some information. Why isn’t she breaking down? Michael said he broke her not too long ago in a similar fashion. She could hardly stand. That was the story. But look at her now, she seems so strong.

How long had Terrance planned this?

Samantha’s best friend had drop hints for her all month. They went ring shopping and everything. He finally convinced Sam that she needed to settle down with him. Then, he did his best to rip her entire life apart. Terrance met everyone at the engagement party before Samantha arrived. In a matter of seconds, he killed everyone close to her.

The two circle the living room with torn furniture and broken appliances. The thirteen guests that were here did their best to flee but he hacked and slashed them all.

Samantha steps over her best friend’s body. Her eyes and heart turn cold. She can’t think about feelings. No. She has to be the killer Michael trained her to be. Let’s go, she thinks to herself.

Terrance rushes Samantha. She stands up straight, shifts her weight to her front leg, and stands on her tiptoes on the back one. This time, she isn’t waiting for him to attack. When Terrance draws the sword back, she lunges forward and plants her elbow on his check. Terrance grabs her hair, but before he can throw her, she connects five more punches on his neck and shoulder.

When he launches her into the television, sparks fly. Terrance coughs up blood and doesn’t notice when she throws the coffee table at him. It hits the brute in the head and causes him to stumble back. Is she really that strong?

All these years he’s been around her, Terrance has only heard of rumors of her strength. He’s been protecting her from any threat, whether beast or man. He never let her fight so he can’t know her real power.

Samantha drop kicks the man she loves and he backs into the kitchen, holding his gut. Terrance doesn’t even notice that he dropped his sword. Samantha draws a kitchen knife from the counter. That catches his attention.

He stops the blade right before it pierces his heart. The two struggle, pushing and pulling for only a matter of seconds. Samantha knees Terrance in the genitals and jams the blade into his heart.

Calmly, she turns around and pulls her hair behind her hair. Samantha walks back to the couch and caresses her best friend’s cheek. Terrance rages destructively. He throws pots and pans. He even slams the stainless steel refrigerator on the ground.

When he falls next to it, Samantha returns to him. His blood stretches across the kitchen floor.

“I didn’t kill your sister, T. Michael did. If she was in the house, she was dead before I got there.”

Terrance’s eyes widen. The pain etching across his face breaks Samantha’s heart more than anything. The demon inside of her relaxes and she lifts his hand from the floor, holding it one last time.

He grips her hand with as much strength as he can, trying to convey his regret. He wants to apologize, but can’t. Terrance developed some feelings for her over these years, no matter how much he refused to admit it before turning against her.

“I know, baby. But I’ll find him for you.”

Terrance takes his last breath. Finally. Samantha can release the tears she’s bottled up for the past ten minutes. This hurts so much.

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