You Need A Personality

If you want to become a great writer, you’ll need a personality to match with your skills. Sure, we all technically have a personality, but you know what I mean.

  • Are you a boring person that stays in the library or plays online all day?
  • Do you travel or engage in meaningful conversations?
  • Are your meaningless conversations entertaining?
  • Do you ever socialize with others or think of things on a deeper level?
  • Have you studied psychology or any human behavior to improve your writing?
  • Did you do things on the fly just to have a bit of adventure?
  • Do you know what life of the party means?

If you answer no to these questions, you may be too boring to be a writer. Sure, you can have all the imagination in the world, but if you can’t entertain people in your own life, what makes you think you’ll entertain people you never met? With text?

Using writing as a means of communication is not simple. If you’re trying to be sarcastic or witty, you’ll need some real life applications.

The reason many people suffer from writers block is because they have nothing to fall back on when they’re struggling. For example, when I write, I’m being me. Everything on a page is my personality. My characters are thousands of different representations of me or people I met with a twist of me. They’re like the best mixed drink known to man–non alcoholic, of course.

What do you fall back on?

If you’re writing a chapter and think, gosh this sucks. I should rewrite it. That’s fine. But if you’re writing it multiple time and it sucks more than a prostitute no matter how many times you write it, maybe you’re the problem. Go out and get experience.

I recently answered the interview questions, “What’s the weirdest thing you did for the sake of research?”

Nothing. My life is my research. If you’re going out to conduct a study to better your story, you’re already failing. You’re not getting natural response, only those under controlled conditions. I’ve done enough in my life and heard enough stories to only need to research history and locations.

I don’t need to know what it’s like hooking up with a friend or being in a bad relationship. I don’t need to see how people suffer from losing someone they love. There’s no need to ask someone how it was growing up in good and bad neighborhoods. I can tell readers about this better than they can understand it.

When I write about murder or death, people are often upset with me because of my depiction. Great! When someone dies, you’re upset and you hate the situation. If I can give you emotions that you never thought you could feel by reading, I did my job. I don’t care if you’re upset with me. People are often angry with God because of his decisions. I’m not even trying to compare myself with Him, but I’m saying that people will always find a reason to complain. Whether you like me or not, when I create a story I can at least make you feel.

Experience and personality go a long way. Get out there and get some of both if you want to make something realistic and heartfelt.

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